Taxpayers are reminded that property tax is due and payable each year, on or before June 30th.

NB All property bills with arrears, must first be queried at the Customer Service Section, before payment is made. Property bills without arrears should be taken directly to the Cashier Section for payment.




All vehicle owners whose licence plate ends with 1, must renew their vehicle licence before January 31st. Similarly, if your vehicle licence plate ends with 2, you must renew your vehicle licence before February 29th to avoid interest charges and ticketing fees..



All insurance companies are reminded that a statement showing the number of policies issued, the value of every policy and any other information required by the Accountant General must accompany the registration fee remittance and the insurance premium remittance. The forms can be found under Form & Guides tab then click on Tax Returns.



The first step in starting a new business is to have an outline showing what your business plan will entail. While the success of a business is not guaranteed, a well thought out plan will increase the odds in your favour. This plan should include visiting the Inland Revenue Department to determine the taxes and licences for which you will be liable. After you have worked out the details of your plan, it is time to get the business registered. A business plan is not required for this.

There are two ways to register your business depending on whether your business will be incorporated or whether you choose to be a sole trader. For information on incorporating your business you can contact the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC) at 869-467-1019, located on Liverpool Row in Basseterre, St. Kitts or Charlestown, Nevis. If you chose to carry on business as a sole trader, then you will not have to go through this step. An individual should do the necessary research to determine which avenue is best, depending on their unique circumstances, and the type of business venture they wish to undertake.

One of the most important aspects of conducting a business, is ensuring that proper and complete records are kept for all transactions relating to the business. In addition, business records should always be kept separate from personal records. These two will be invaluable in helping you to determine the success of your enterprise, and it is required for tax purposes.

  • Here are two benefits of holding a valid Business Licence.

    • You would be in good legal standing with the Department, since it is illegal to operate in the Federation without one.
    • You would be in a better position to obtain financial assistance from lending institutions, since most institutions conduct business verification checks with the Inland Revenue Department.