Taxpayers are reminded that property tax is due and payable each year, on or before June 30th.

NB All property bills with arrears, must first be queried at the Customer Service Section, before payment is made. Property bills without arrears should be taken directly to the Cashier Section for payment.




All vehicle owners whose licence plate ends with 1, must renew their vehicle licence before January 31st. Similarly, if your vehicle licence plate ends with 2, you must renew your vehicle licence before February 29th to avoid interest charges and ticketing fees..



All insurance companies are reminded that a statement showing the number of policies issued, the value of every policy and any other information required by the Accountant General must accompany the registration fee remittance and the insurance premium remittance. The forms can be found under Form & Guides tab then click on Tax Returns.


Liquor Licence

All Liquor Licence renewals start at the Sir Lee Llewelyn Moore Judicial Complex (Court's Cashier.) The stub given there, should be presented to the Inland Revenue Department in order to process the Licence.




The Saint Christopher and Nevis Licensing Authority (Traffic Department) of the Royal Saint Christopher and Nevis Police Force is tasked with the responsibility of administering driver and vehicle licences and is empowered under the Chapter 15.06 Vehicles and Road Traffic Act. The Licensing Authority works closely with the Inland Revenue Department which issues both the driver’s licence card and the vehicle decal after payment of the appropriate fees.

To drive within the Federation, the driver of the vehicle must obtain a driver’s licence. A permanent licence is issued for three (3) years while a temporary licence has a duration of three months or one year. It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license. An individual must be at least sixteen(16) years of age to be licenced to drive a motorcycle. All other vehicles require a minimum age of eighteen (18). There may be other restrictions relating to specific classes of vehicles. Vehicles are licenced for a maximum period of one year and the renewal date is dependent on the last digit of the licence plate. Vehicles are inspected annually at registered inspection agencies, a list of which can be obtained from the vehicle licencing authority.


The renewal period for vehicle licences is based on the last digit on the number plate (i.e.: P 3325 renews in May, HA 962 renews in February, H 90 renews in October). The licence is valid for a maximum period of one year if renewed at its scheduled time. If not renewed as scheduled, the licence will be valid for less than one year. It is illegal and dangerous to drive an unlicenced vehicle.


Renews in May each year
Renews in October each year


Black plates are assigned to vehicles for personal use and these vehicles are not to be used for any commercial purposes.
Yellow plates are assigned to vehicles that are licenced for taxi services.
Green plates are assigned to vehicles that are used for general public transportation.




  • All taxpayers with arrears, who have not made arrangements to pay their tax debt in full, are encouraged to contact the Inland Revenue Department immediately.  The Department is prepared to assist all taxpayers to honour their tax obligations by providing payment arrangements that considers taxpayers unique circumstances.